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About the Event

What is 'Storytime with Jemma Wilson and Friends'?
It's an opportunity for me to share my experiences with you and create a platform where other super rad women can do the same! 

What share-worthy experiences have I had?

I have had the most brilliant time racing motorcycles all over Australia and Europe, and am still getting the most out of bikes through Jemma Wilson Events.

I won championships, lost championships, broke bones, worked with international teams, was a privateer driving myself around Europe for the World Enduro GP's, have worked with brands in the industry for 15 years and so much more...

At Jemma Wilson Events I create spaces and environments for females to come and enjoy bikes, adventure and challenge as much as I have and still do!

I also have a Law Degree, am a qualified Teacher, a Level Two Motorcycle Coach and have built my brand and business into something I am personally very proud of. 

So come along and chat with me and Ina, have a delicious dinner, meet some other terrific men and women and win some prizes! Because who doesn't love an insiring evening with a freebie or two!

2023 location TBC

2023 date TBC

Jemma's and guest talks
Antipasto on arrival
Two Course Dinner (Main & Dessert)
Lucky Door Prizes


Absolutely everyone!