Growing up racing, Jemma has always enjoyed sharing her knowledge and experience with others. From school seminars to motorcycling awards nights, as well as her coaching programs, she’s made it her mission to speak with the wider community about her journey. Offroad racing, and riding dirt bikes in general, has helped to shape both her attitude as well as her work ethic, all the while instilling an adventurous (and some would say competitive) outlook on life. 

Jemma’s role as an ambassador for women in dirt bike riding has taken her all over the country, delivering her ‘You Can Do Anything” talk in primary schools, and promoting her “Positive Education” program in High Schools, aimed at helping young adults make those difficult decisions regarding where they want their future to take them. Following her retirement from professional racing, Jemma has made the decision to actively pursue more mainstream guest speaker roles at various events all around Australia, continually working to promote the benefits of dirt bike riding for not only women, but society as a whole.

With a professional career that was filled with ups and downs, Jemma proved herself on the world stage not only as one of the best racers in the world, but someone who had a big heart, and was determined to show that anything could be overcome with hard work, determination, and a positive mindset. Using her experiences from racing Australian and World Championships, in amongst studying her Bachelor of Laws as well as her Teaching Degree, Jemma’s informative talks about her career, her world travels, and her life as a whole are a refreshing take on the motorcycling industry and what it offers to people both young and old. 

Now that her racing career is firmly in the rear view mirror, Jemma could not be more excited for the future ahead of her, continuing to fly the ambassador flag for some of her most loyal supporters, and doing everything she can to give back to an industry that has given her so much in return. “I could never turn my back on this industry that has shaped my entire life. It has given me so much and the support that I have received from individuals and companies over the past fifteen years is so humbling. Being an Ambassador allows me to say thank you and do my part to share my knowledge with others, the way people did for me.” – Jemma. With an endless amount of exciting endeavours ahead of her, there’s no doubting that the future holds a many great things for Jemma and her partnering brands.

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