Are you ladies ready to have some serious off-road fun? We've got the beautiful Green Park at Conondale all to ourselves for the weekend of TBA June 2025. Gates open Friday 3pm rain, hail or shine.

There are loads of track options to suit all riders, great food available for purchase from the local P&C, a beautiful live musician will serenade us and we've got a Young Henrys Bar, plus Round Six of our Famous Ballards Ice Cream relay.

Event Merch

Finally, a classic white on black.

Be sure to pre-order your shirt/singlet/hoodie to avoid missing out.
(You can't buy one at the event when you change your mind after seeing how awesome they look!)

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About the Event

Who is the Trailride for?

Every female out there with a bike. All ages and all riding abilities.

We will have an array of tracks that will appeal to PeeWee’s and the absolute beginner, right through to those of you looking for a bit of a challenge. Ask anyone, Green Park is one the best places to ride in Australia and we have access to both trail and MX tracks.


Camping & Facilities

Camping will be available from Friday afternoon. Riding will commence after riders briefing on Saturday morning at 9am and 8am on Sunday.

Green Park is a beautiful location with toilets, showers, a canteen and bar and loads of camping right by the creek.

Camping/Parking/Facility layout will be emailed to you ladies closer to the event.



There will also be a ‘Happy Hour’ on Saturday afternoon, with a free Young Henrys going to all ladies over 18 and a soft drink for the youngsters, because we can talk bikes over a beer too.

Plus, for our Women's Trailride 3, we will have live music happening on Saturday evening. The musician will play from 5-9pm, with a little intermission for a raffle and to meet some of the awesome ladies we've got in attendance.

What amenities are on site?

Food - Conondale Primary School P&C will be selling food from Friday night to Sunday lunch. They have an array of burgers, chips, curry and rice, lasagne, roast meat roll, etc. Save bringing all the camp kitchen and support the locals at the same time.

Coffee - Kaitlyn, with her Fonzie Abbott Coffee Van, will be on site Saturday and Sunday.

Pied Piper - we will have designated Sweep Riders that are Pied Pipers. For those of you who are keen to get out on the trails but a little nervous to go on your own, these ladies and gents are there for you! We will also have a Junior Pied Piper this year for those juniors who don't have a Mum out there riding with them.

Flushing Toilets and Outdoor/Camp Style HOT showers.

Running water (not drinkable).

Fire Drums - these are in a central hang-out spot.

Lucky-door raffle.

Paramedic - there is an on site Paramedic during riding hours.


What to bring:

Bike Protective Gear – you are required to ride with a helmet, goggles, gloves, boots that cover your ankles, long sleeve pants and shirt. If you need anything for the event, make sure you check out


Everything you need for Camping - tent, bedding, toiletries, food, water, camp chair etc.

Drinking Water - there is no drinking water on site.

Warm Clothes - for the evenings and mornings - CONONDALE GETS CHILLY!!!!!!

Some garbage bags – we will have a big skip that you can chuck it in on your way out. But please don’t leave any rubbish in your camp area.

Cash - for coffees, food, drinks and sweet sweet merch. There will be card options but you don’t want to be caught out, so I recommend you have some cash handy too.

Battery packs - to charge phones. There is no electricity accessible to attendees.

What you DON'T need to bring:

The man in your life* that usually helps out! We are providing tools, mechanics, and sweep riders so that we can have a super warm and fuzzy all girl environment for the weekend! If you are someone who has not gone riding without assistance from your Dad/Brother/Husband/Boyfriend/Mate/Neighbour before, and it worries you a little, this is your opportunity to see that it is more than do-able! And we’ll all be there to help you unload and set up if you need it!

*Dads/parents of juniors are not only required by law but are super welcome. We have an array of tracks for all levels of riders, including one where Dads can reach their girls on foot at all times, and one where Dads can keep an eye on them, while the sweeps help if need be. Plus, if your daughter is wanting to head out on the Trail loops, we have a junior Pied Piper to keep you both feeling safe and comfortable.


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If you don't mind being a little outside that comfort zone... then ABSOLUTLEY! We are catering to you... we have some super easy track options, heaps of Sweep Riders (they cruise around with high vis. vests and help) and Pied Pipers; Sweeps that will lead you out and make you feel safe. We also foster an environment where everyone helps everyone! 2019 blew me away. I had high hopes for the vibe and holy dooley all the women were amazing and so supportive of one another.

We encourage you to do it on your own. Let the man in your life load you up and then sign out when you arrive, and ladies will be jumping at the chance to lend a hand with anything you need. It is actually the perfect way to break the ice and make friends with your camp neighbour.

However, if you absolutely will feel better about the whole thing if someone comes along with you and gets you unloaded and settled, we understand and won't kick him out.

First of all, hey Dad! And thanks for getting your girl involved in bikes. I have my Dad to thank for my wonderful career. But there will come a time when you will have to take a step back and trust she's got this. I can't let you ride, as it is a ladies only ride, and having Dad's cruising around kind of defeats the point.

As mentioned above: We have an array of tracks for all levels of riders, including one where Dads can reach their girls on foot at all times, and one where Dads can keep an eye on them, while the sweeps help if need be. Plus, if your daughter is wanting to head out on the Trail loops, we have a junior Pied Piper to keep you both feeling safe and comfortable.

If you still think that your daughter is just too young, or unprepared for the trails without you, then maybe this event is not for you guys. You can ride with your daughter at every other trailride and track in Qld, so head to a few more of those, and then maybe next year, you both will be ready.

Its all covered in your ticket.

All shirts will be made to order, so you will have to make up your mind now if you want one. There will be no extra stock at the event. 

Cold at night, but fingers crossed we've got crisp sunny winter days. There is always the chance that it will rain but rain will not scare us away. Your safety is my priority and if any dangerous weather is forecast I will let you know what the plan of attack will be.


If you don’t have a bike of your own or super amazing pals who are able to lend you theirs, then there are a few bike hire places located in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Have a google search and check out the options.

If you would like to make friends or connect with ladies you’ve met at previous Jemma Wilson Events, and maybe even carpool, make sure you join and post on the ‘Legend Ladies of Jemma Wilson Events’ Facebook page. If you have questions that you think heaps of ladies might like to know the answer to, then ask on there as well. I can answer all those questions at once then!

This one is completely up to the local club and depends on the conditions closer to the event. I will let you in the week leading up to the event whether you will be allowed your own camp fire, and if so, YOU MUST BRING YOUR FIRE WOOD.

No. This event is a Motorcycle Permitted Trailride and therefore we must follow the MA rule, which are no dogs (Guide Dogs accepted). There are also commonly baits laid in the area.

I’m sorry, no. This is a Motorcycling Australia permitted trailride and accordingly Quads cannot mix with two wheelers.

No refunds for this one ladies. If you enter and also purchase a shirt, I will send it out to you, but you will have lost your entry fee.

If the event is cancelled, you will receive a full refund, minus the Flotku service fee.

Absolutely! But you MUST SIGN ON and get a HIGH VIS vest!!

I will have photographers and videographers out there trying to capture all the moments, but they cannot be everywhere. So, if you have a camera and want to see what sick pics you can get, that is wonderful! And don’t forget to share them on the Legend Ladies of Jemma Wilson Events Facebook page.

Terms and Conditions
If cancellation is made less than 1 full month prior to the course start date your entry will be forfeited. (However, if we have ladies on the waitlist and they are keen to take your spot, we will process a refund, minus service and admin fees.)

In the event of cancellation by you, no matter the time frame or circumstances of cancellation, a $30 admin fee will be retained and the service fee will be lost.

There is no opportunity to 'on-sell' your tickets. If you cannot come and know someone who would like to take your place, we can organise a new ticket for them, and a refund for you (minus admin fees) (if there is no waiting list). Any on-sale of tickets will not be recognised at the event.

NOTE: Jemma Wilson Events will follow all laws and regulations surrounding COVID-19 safety and immunisation.If you are not vaccinated and the laws surrounding outdoor activities and vaccinations change between when you book your ticket and the event, you will receive a full refund. If COVID-19 hinders the running of the event, there will also be a full refund to all attendees.