Our Industry

Our Industry

I want to take a moment with this blog to thank the motorcycle industry. It can be a bit of a bitch sometimes and it is really easy to focus on what hasn’t worked out and who hasn’t done right by you. When this happens and I start to feel a bit angry towards motorcycling I have begun to change my thought process; instead of focusing on those couple of bad people or experiences, I think about all the amazing people and companies there are.

I get to work with and learn from some pretty talented, experienced, interesting and kind people and this blog is an ode to them. A big fat thank you for sharing your knowledge.

I have been around a long time (I raced my first Enduro in 2003) and have been running JW Events since 2016. There is a lot I know but a lot more I don’t. In 2022 I was given the opportunity to do ‘work experience’ with Transmoto, help out at the Husky Trek and lead ride for Maschine on their Great Divide Ride.

Plus, the rad dudes at Dust Hustle always answer my marketing questions and give me advice, the MCRCV Club in Victoria are so generous with their time and I could have run an event in Vic without them and there is a heap of good humans who allow me to use their epic properties and always lend a hand.

The combined knowledge and generosity listed above are mind-blowing. It can take a village to run a sweet event and that’s what I have behind me.

So, thank you guys and girls for spreading the good vibes, sharing the knowledge, and helping me to do my part and make the motorcycling industry a bigger and better place for us all.